Traditional Turkish Culture Dress Costume

January 14, 2016 | Asian Culture

Just like any other developed country, modern Turks wear casual dresses in Western style. Traditionally though, Turkish clothes were similar to dresses in Caucasia and were made by cotton, silk and wool because of relatively cooler climate. The areas Turks lived in throughout the history are close to Silk Road, so this might also have contributed to the clothing culture.

Traditional Turkish Culture Dress Costume

During the Ottoman Empire, some women wore “ferace” (gray or black one-piece fabric that covers most of the body) and some men wore “shalvar” (loose pants) and different headdresses based on their social status. The sultans had large white silk sash wound over the head and decorated with rubies and feathers called “kavuk”. There are local costumes that are mostly worn during local festivals and celebrations.

Traditional Turkish Clothing

Turkish clothing is an important part of their rich culture. Like the Turkish culture which has become rich being influenced by several empires and their own set of practices, Turkish clothing has also a very rich and variegated tradition of its own. Apart from the natural difference between men and women clothing, there are several other differences in Turkish clothing which depends on several occasions.

Turkish people have their very rich cultural heritages that are evident in the fields of music, dance and other performing and non-performing arts. The reasons behind the rich culture of Turkish people are the influences of several empires. Turkish dances have created such an interest among people that some Turkish dance forms have won immense popularity in several countries around the world.

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