Italian Culture And Customs In America

January 29, 2016 | Global Culture

Italian christenings are very similar to other Catholic or Christian christenings, with some nuances that stress Italian heritage. Since a christening is both a baptism and a naming ceremony, if the child is named after a saint, guests usually give a medallion representing the namesake figure. The godparents of an Italian child, or a child with Italian parentage, are deeply involved in the child’s christening.

Italian Culture And Customs In America

They are responsible for footing the bill for the christening dress, which a male or female child wears. The dress usually is white and sometimes has a pink or blue ribbon on it to denote the baby’s sex. Common gifts include a cross pendant on a bracelet or necklace, or a rosary in a nice container such as a wooden box.

Customs In America

Children and youth are considered the future backbone of the United States of America, and so, child-rearing customs align with that belief. Children are raised with the idea of individualism in North America, which differs from other cultures, such as Japan or China, which places emphasis on the group and what is best for society. This value system also places accentuation on socio-economic status and the importance of money.

The nuclear family is also considered more important in America than the extended family. Privacy is valued, and many children often have their own room, separate from other family members. Education is fairly laid out for American children. The school system is dictated by the state and regional school boards, and overseen by the U.S. school system.

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