Decoration Ideas For Diwali In India

February 23, 2016 | Asian Culture

Diwali is the Hindu religion means “Festival of Lights”. This festival symbolizes the victory of good over bad, and lamps lit as a sign of celebration and hope of mankind. Diwali is celebrated for five consecutive days in the Hindu calendar month of “Ashwayuja”. This usually occurs in October or November, and is one of the festival Terpopular and most eagerly awaited in India.

Decoration Ideas For Diwali In India

Hindus, Jains and Sikhs alike regard this diwali festival as a celebration of life and use it to strengthen festival kinship between family and friends. For Jain community, this is one of the most important festival, and marks the start of Jain. This diwali celebration also included an important festival for Sikhs. Diwali celebration focused on the lights and light, especially in the light “diya” traditional. Fireworks were also used in the festival in some parts of the country.

Diwali Festival

The first day of Diwali festival called Vasu Blood. The second day is called Dhan Teras commemorating the advent of Dewa Dhanvantari from the ocean. The second day is considered as the best days for the Hindus to buy valuables like gold and silver because it is believed to bring good luck throughout the year.

The third day is called Naraka Chaturdashi. The fourth day is referred to as Lakshmi Puja. In the area of northern India, the fourth day to be the highlight of Deepawali Festival. The fifth day or Bali Pratipada is the victory of Lord Krishna. The sixth day or Yama Dwitiya.

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