Saree Blouse Designs Images Indian

February 24, 2016 | Asian Culture

Modern women today can choose from a variety of shirt styles, such as off the shoulder, halter neck, boat neck, backless style and more. Sari with a blouse attached no longer considered fashionable. Bollywood trend that affects the latest styles for the modern Asian women, and the sari blouse in the style of a fashion designer is a hot item these days.

Saree Blouse Designs Images Indian

Blouse style are often enhanced with beads, sequins, crystals and stones are woven and embroidered into the fabric for a unique look. Sari blouse design come in a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, silk, satin, crepe and georgette. Colors can be bright and intense, like a strong yellow, bright red or blue, or colors can be soft pastel colors or more muted browns and greens.

Choli Blouse Tie-Up Styles

Showing the back with a sexy style design is becoming more fashionable for Asian women. Choli blouse is fitted, bustier-type top with or without shoulder. bustier that can extend to the waist or just cover the breast. style choli can have mounted tube or high choli designed to show off the belly. Single shoulder blouse with one shoulder strap, leaving the other shoulder bare.

One style tie-up does not have buttons or zippers. Long strap blouse binds together in the lower back to show off the rear. Blouse with back straps have additional straps at the back in a variety of designs, either woven or hang loose. This designer blouse has a spaghetti-style straps, flat rope and string.

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