Chinese Culture And Traditions Famous Clothing

March 3, 2016 | Asian Culture

A typical Chinese traditional clothing still worn by many formal occasions. However, for everyday life, the clothes have been modernized and, in many circles, westernized to make it more practical.

Chinese Culture And Traditions Famous Clothing

Today, the clothes in China using a mixture of traditional and modern ideas. traditional motifs such as lions, gods and Chinese opera characters are often printed, woven or embroidered onto the fabric. Dragon, phoenix and flash design is popular, especially among the younger generation.

Traditional Clothing In China

There are three types of traditional clothing in China. All of these items using several stitches and loose with a big arm. They are usually dark colored with intricate tapestry stitch above. The pien-fu looks like a tunic and a ceremonial costume that consists of two pieces on the knee and ankle-length skirts or trousers.

The ch’ang-p’ao is a one-piece long underwear that goes over the shoulder and ran down to the feet. The shen-i is similar to the pien-fu in comprising tunic and skirt or trousers. However, unlike the pien-fu, two items that are stitched together.

On formal occasions women often wear ch’i-p’ao, which is a modern form of traditional dress Ching Dynasty. It can come in different height, width and length to suit all shapes and sizes. Skirts, sleeves and collars are often personalized with embroidery to create distinctive clothing. Men usually wear traditional Chinese dress.

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