Native American Culture Facts Religion

March 4, 2016 | American Culture

Cultural differences between Native Americans and European Americans include religious practices and practices of the ruling. Unfortunately, cultural differences resulted in blood shed during the war or captivity, which eventually forced Native Americans to assimilate into the culture of Europe or migrated west for reservations. Cultural differences between Native Americans and European Americans led to frequent clashes which often cause damage to the land and people.

Native American Culture Facts Religion

On arriving in the New World, European American embrace of government monarchy, but Native Americans detained tribal form of government. This structure is ingrained in every community so very practice is one of profound cultural practice. The Europeans believe in absolute commitment to the British crown. However, Native Americans are devoted to each other and there is no central authority. Nonetheless, they have a lot of heads in the tribal chiefdom governing relations between members of the tribe.

Native American Religion

Native Americans worship the sun god, the god of corn and the spirit world of birds, bears and wolves. Native Americans are considered barbaric by the Europeans because they worship the image of wood or carved and painted images. Then in the 19th century, nearly all Native Americans were forced to book a room because of their religious differences.

Native American women hold a respectable position among the tribes. The Cherokee women ruled and controlled certain factions within the tribe, with many making economic decisions that are important for the whole tribe. Native Americans are spiritually connected to the land and practicing methods of different cultures to live one with the land.

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