Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples Themed

March 8, 2016 | Global Culture

You can make a pair of cheap and original costumes by using basic craft and beauty supplies, thrift store find, and clothes and accessories you already have. Frankenstein’s monster and his bride is a hair-raising a few classic Halloween. For costumes, black pants and a T-shirt over black with a square black jacket.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples Themed

Powder face was white, and the use of eye shadow and ships to make the sunken eyes and cheeks, eyebrows heavy, scarred face and neck bolts. Complete the look with a slick hair down and black boots. To create a signature hairstyle, set hair curled over his head and secure with extra-hold hairspray. Add white stripes with temporary color hair spray.

Halloween Costume Ideas

If there is a bridesmaid dress in your closet, put it to work as a princess costume. Tying the belt around his waist, and wearing sparkly ballet flats or pumps. Add the great accessories, such as long gloves and tiara. The handsome prince can wear high-collared jacket and pants tucked into high boots.

Tack gold trim on the shoulder, and accessorize with a sash and medals. If you are more grounded fairy tale style, dress like Goldilocks and one of his bear friends. For Goldilocks, simple dresses layer on a round-collared blouse, and accessorize with tights and Mary Janes. Wearing a blond wig, if necessary, and tie up her hair with a ribbon.

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