Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes Ideas

March 14, 2016 | Global Culture

The holiday is the best time to express ourselves in hilariously creative and clever ways. Unfortunately, costumes for adults tend to be pricey. Instead of splurging on something you’ll wear once a year, try your hand at one of these easy homemade ideas. While Halloween is often targeted toward children, it doesn’t mean grown ups can’t get in on the fun.

Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes Ideas

Consider making a emotional baggage costume, complete with a box of tissues. Because this project is made of mostly paper, it’s the ultimate budget-friendly project. Thanks to the literal take on the popular saying, this outfit will win you a night full of laughter and compliments.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

If you and your significant other love puns and creativity, consider creating 50 color costume cute pair of gray. This literal spin on the popular book series is very easy to make and fun. In place of paint chips, you can also use the card stock in various shades of gray. Do not worry, 50 the right color is not required.

If you want something that is comfortable and practical, try to make a watermelon dress for Halloween. Because this project is not using anything more than a fabric dye and paint on a white dress, you do not need the extra bells and whistles that most costume. Once Halloween is over, you can still wear a dress next summer.

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