Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume

March 21, 2016 | Global Culture

Actually a lot of costumes can be put together in minutes and does not require minimal sewing skills and money. With a little imagination everyday clothes and household goods can be an instant Halloween costume. However, depending on what is stored around the house a quick stop at the corner drug store may be required.

Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume

Pig in blanket works well for a couple or group costume. Wrap a blanket around 3 or more people, whatever the number of people comfortably for a celebration. Wear a pig’s snout and ears complete the look.

Last Minute Halloween

Dressed as an American tourist. The man wore a floral print shirt, shorts, sandals and a big straw hat. Women wear bright summer dress, flip-flops, a large sun hat and carry a bag of straw. Adding a camera around his neck and a map to the pocket or purse. To become a scarecrow, wearing a flannel shirt big stuffed with plastic bags, jeans and cords for belts fading.

Adding straw to cuff pants and cuffs. Reusing bridesmaid dress and become Miss America. Complete the outfit with a long silk gloves, tiaras and heels. Make a sling using a ribbon and glitter or markers. Become a smarty pants without ever saying a word, using tape to attach a roll of Smarties brand for a plain pair of pants.

That review of easy last minute halloween costume more for you. Hopefully useful and can be a reference for those who seek information about variety of global culture and traditions.

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