Dress Codes In Schools Facts

March 23, 2016 | Global Culture

Test scores and student safety is at stake, the increase in student uniform requirements increased from 13 to 19% in popularity of fashion schools has been widely discussed by politicians, parents, students and academics. Both for and against a strong argument relating to the present constitutional freedoms, class violence, socio-economic pressures and lasting effects on the students.

Dress Codes In Schools Facts

Proponents note that the dress code when the students do not have to worry about how they look and whether they fit in with their peers, they can more easily focus on their studies, which can lead to increased academic success and reduce stress.

Dress Codes In Schools Pros

Bullying, sexual harassment, assault and gang violence are issues, too, even when the guns are not involved. Research has shown that fashion led to a reduction of violence in schools; for example, in Long Beach, California, the school system, assault with a deadly weapon dropped by 50% and sex offenses decreased 74% just two years after grades K through 8 dress code was introduced.

Dress Codes In Schools Cons

Universities and companies appreciate the creativity and adaptability, and criticism of the dress code be noted that it is precisely the opportunity to learn these skills that take the dress code. Dress code also may violate students’ right to self-expression granted by the First Amendment, even though the courts of all levels are divided on whether this is so.

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