How to Dress For Your Body Type

March 28, 2016 | Global Culture

When shopping for new clothes, keep in mind that the right dress can hide flaws. Everyone has things that they do not like about their bodies. Keep your particular body type in mind when shopping. You can accentuate the positive and downplay areas that you do not like.

How to Dress For Your Body Type

Whatever type of body you have, you can find a suitable dress to flatter your shape. Go for trendy looks if you are petite. Empire waist will elongate your figure. Avoid dresses that are too poofy or girlish, they can make you look too young.

Dress for Pear Body

Choose a dress that skims over the bottom of your body, if you are pear-shaped. You can also go with a dress that had the entire print. This is good to balance your figure. Make sure that the dress is not too short, about one or two inches above the knee. Try to find a dress with A-line skirt. You can also choose low-cut dress or adorn the neck.

This will attract attention and away from the bottom half. Choose a longer dress if you are not comfortable showing off your legs. Finding a dress with a skirt that hits mid-calf or longer. Choose bold colors and patterns if you are very slim. Find a dress with full sleeves and ruching at the waist.

That review of how to dress for your body type more for you. Hopefully useful and can be a reference for those who seek information about variety of global culture and traditions.

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