Seminole Tribe Of Florida Customs

April 11, 2016 | Global Culture

The Seminole tribe of Florida is still passed down from one generation to the next, although the younger clan members have opted for more modern lifestyle. Customs in the form of a storytelling dance activities and stomp on the fixed part of the Seminole ritual and ceremony.

Seminole Tribe Of Florida Customs

Seminole Florida women still wear the traditional patchwork skirts and a few strands of beads that is its trademark. The Seminole Indians came from groups native Americans at that time forced southward as Atlantic countries colonized by European settlers. The two main groups are in Oklahoma and Florida.

Seminole Tribe Customs

The Seminoles are custom developed in the early 1900s began to adorn the clothes Women. them with colorful patchwork strips sewn and symbols. They use sewing manual and hand-cranked sewing machines to make fabric and clothing design is complete. The patchwork pieces that are primarily decorative, but some including symbol, animals and important figures in other Seminole legend. Every morning they tie necklace.

They sometimes wear dozens at once. At night, they take off the necklace and keep it in a special basket. The Seminoles also do customs such as the Green Corn Dance. Green Corn Dance symbolizes renewal and forgiveness. Green Corn Dance to select young people as the future leaders or shamans. Green Corn Dance is as a way to maintain the tradition of Seminole.

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