Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress

May 3, 2016 | Asian Culture

It is being said that marriage is fixed at the heaven and we humans are just like a puppet that walk through the path of life to finally choose our partners. Since ages, marriage is considered a very sacred ritual where a girl and a boy tie their knot and wish to spend rest of their life together. Regardless of the country or religion a person belongs, marriage is the most memorable and precious moment of his life.

Marriage custom and tradition varies a lot from place to place. People from different country have some of their own way to arrange a marriage. Some of the custom that is commonly prevalent in most of the culture across the world are special wedding dress for bride and groom, wedding cake, wedding ring, wedding flowers, wedding songs etc. Wedding dress is given the utmost importance so as to impart the most unique appearance to the couple.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress

Traditional Chinese Wedding Dresses and Rituals

Chinese wedding dresses have attained world wide fame because of its antique and artistic embroidery. Rituals preceding the Chinese wedding are devoted to its ancient culture and tradition which is still prevalent in China. These rituals have its deep impact on the wedding dress of bride and groom. It is believed that wedding dress should never reflect black, blue or gray color as it may bring sorrow to their married life. Red and white are the two most prominently used colors in Chinese wedding dress. Red color is considered as the symbol of love and prosperity; hence most of the dresses include red as their base color. Even the candles, flowers, ribbons and fireworks, all used in red.

As we mentioned, red is favorite for all Chinese people for red is considered as good luck that can keep evil spirits away. So you will find the bride and groom wear in red in their wedding part. The traditional Chinese wedding dress in northern Chinese usually is one piece frock named Qipao, embroidered with elaborate gold and silver design. Brides in Southern China prefer to wear two-piece dress name Qungua or Kwa, which also elaborately adorn with gold dragon and phoenix.

Covering Veil

During the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, the bride is handed by her groom. Her head is covered by a red veil which is falling down to her shoulder for whole period. The veil is not taken off until all the relatives and friends have left. The groom needs to put the veil off by himself only. Imagine the special and sweet moment when groom takes the veil off and see a blush and exciting face with the timid candlelight while they sit on the edge of new bed. The bride covering veil is connected with the special occasion the lovers are eager for their life.

Shoes for Wedding

During the wedding ceremony, the bride usually wears a special pair of wedding shoes. For example, in Southern Fujian Province, the bride has to wear a pair of shoes embroidered with patterns of a turtle or a deer, which symbolizes blessing, happiness and longevity after marriage.

In southern Zhejiang Province, the bride has to wear a pair of shoes named Shang Jiao Xie (shoes worn while stepping into the sedan chair) before getting into the sedan is for the sake of praying for auspiciousness.


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