10 Cultural Arts Festival in Indonesia 2016

June 27, 2016 | Asian Culture

10 cultural arts festival indonesia 201610 Cultural Arts Festival in Indonesia 2016 – There are dozens of arts and cultural festival that can be enjoyed in Indonesia. In addition to the beautiful landscape, Indonesia is also blessed with a wealth of art and culture that is diverse from each region. Within a year, there are dozens of arts and cultural festival that can be enjoyed in Indonesia. The following 10 Cultural Arts Festival in Indonesia in 2016:

  1. Cultural Festival Asmat, Papua

Asmat culture festival has been held since 1981. The Asmat have long been known for its expertise in making carvings. They used to express imagination into a carving without making preliminary sketches. Various activities will be held in the festival, including boat races, demos carving, sculpture auction, and the selection of the sons and daughters Asmat. In addition, tourists can also enjoy music and dance performances typical Asmat. This year, the Asmat Cultural Festival held in January at Asmat, Papua.

  1. Pasola War Festival, Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara

Pasola is a tradition originating from the island of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara who inherited for decades. Pasola celebrated to welcome the harvest at the same time to start planting. Villagers will compete dexterity on horseback while attacking the opponent with a javelin. This tradition requires the presence of blood spilled from the fighters. According to local indigenous beliefs, the more blood that comes out during the fight, then harvest was plentiful.

  1. Solar Eclipse Festival, Poso Sulawesi

Sulawesi is one of the few areas in Indonesia to be bypassed Total Solar Eclipse (GMT) this year. According to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG), GMT is expected to occur on 9 March 2016 and passed Poso for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. The festival will be enlivened by the appearance of several local and international musicians, artists and performers of the show. The festival is really a pity to miss, because, rare events cannot be seen again in the next 40 years. GMT will pass in Palu, Bengkulu, Palembang, Tidore, and Bangka Belitung.

  1. Festival Tidore, North Maluku

Tidore Festival is a cultural festival collaborated with indigenous tradition. This event was preceded by a procession Dowari, there will be a ritual Soa Romtoha. Soa Romtoha is a ritual gathering of five people to deliver water using rau taken from the summit of Mount Kie Matabu to be united in bamboo. There are many other cultural attractions, such as race Kabate, Maku Tai (fishing competition), disappeared Taji Iron (Debus attraction, stone, and jumbia), and ritual Lufu Tidore Sultanate. This year, the festival Tidore scheduled to be held in April.

  1. Festival Lake Sentani, Papua

Not only known for its beauty, Lake Sentani is also famous for his special festival, the Festival of Lake Sentani. In this festival, tourists will be served a variety of local cultural attractions, local artwork, bazaar typical culinary Papua, music and dance performances, etc. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as explore the life and exotic culture of Papua, this festival should be included in your travel agenda. Lake Sentani Festival will be held in Abepura, Papua in June.

  1. Art Jog, Yogyakarta

Do not miss the festivals, fairs and markets international contemporary art held in Yogyakarta. Held since 2008, Art Jog presents hundreds of works of art by artists both locally and internationally. Here, you can enjoy, interact also bought works of art. Art jog regularly held in July each year at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. The theme was different. Last year, the theme Infinity Art Jog In Flux, in accordance with the implementation of the exhibits to eight.

  1. Dieng Culture Festival, Wonosobo and Banjarnegara

The festival is held in the Dieng plateau, featuring a variety of performing arts and culture of the local population. There are ceremonies the most eagerly awaited of tourists, namely ruwat dreadlocks. Dieng, some children have dreads native motivated by beliefs and myths of local residents. At the peak of the DFC, hair dreadlocks children naturally will be cut later to be floated out to the river. Tourists can watch the concert “Jazz on the cloud”, festival of lanterns and fireworks, also the film festival. Do not forget to taste the typical drink Dieng Purwaceng, enjoy a unique culinary ongklok such as noodles, soybean cake and candied carica kemul. Dieng Culture Festival will be held in August.

  1. Festival Baliem Valley, Papua

The festival is very popular among foreign tourists. The exoticism tribes of Papua and cultural richness become an attraction for tourists and photographers. Baliem Valley Festival was originally a tribal war events Dani, Lani and Yali tribe. At the time of the festival we can see a simulation of war and dance performances they have shown. Baliem Valley Festival now regularly held every year. The festival lasts for three days and is held every August.

  1. Bull Race, Madura

Do not miss the thrill of witnessing the jockey ride their cattle in the race racing against a couple of other cows. Some cities in Madura bull-races organized in August and September each year, with the final at the end of September or October in the former City of residency, Pamekasan to compete for the trophy Governor.

  1. Festival of Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba which originated from ancient volcanic eruption in North Sumatra has become one of the tourist icon Indonesia. Samosir Island became one of the top destination. Every years, at this place, the Lake Toba Festival organized by displaying a variety of art and cultural attractions and sports tourism. This year, the Lake Toba Festival will be held in September. Lake Toba Festival has been going on since 2013. The activities of this festival are the replacement of the Lake Toba Festival that has existed since 1983.

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