Japan Fact Traditions – 10 Unique Things in Japanese Culture

July 4, 2016 | Asian Culture

Japanese Fact TraditionsJapan Fact Traditions – 10 Unique Things in Japanese Culture

  1. If we offer used things to a store, we will be paid. In Japan, we actually have to pay if we leave junk in the store. This is what makes Japanese people throw stuff in the trash can mark rather than having to pay.
  2. The television show in Japan is dominated by cooking events and eating. In summer, the television stations in Japan play so many horror movies. Not yet known why. May be the ghosts of Japan less resistant to cold winter weather?
  3. In Japan, for the services of photo copy you should do your own process.
  4. When you ride a taxi in Japan, you will find the fact that the taxi driver would open the door when you came in and opened the door when going out. Passengers are not allowed to open and close the door itself.
  5. Ride a bike in Japan there are also strict rules. Prohibited piggybacking on other people try to compare riding bikes in other country can be arbitrarily me.
  6. When you go up the stairs (escalators) in Japan, stood on the left because the right lane is for people who are in a hurry. The term that here the fast lane.
  7. If you want to go out with the original Japanese girl in Japan, you have to be prepared mentally with extreme cultural differences. For example about treats. In Japan, if not officially become husband and wife then every meal together must pay for their own. It’s a paradise for boys stingy.
  8. The word “Aishiteru” which we know as the sentence expression of love like “I love you” in English, was rarely used in courtship. The word “Aishiteru“ used when the two lovebirds had agreed to get married. For those who still hanky-panky is more often used the word “Daisuki desu”.
  9. In a dating, there is no pick up in home. Meet at the station is more commonplace than pick up and drove home.
  10. If you want to visit the home in Japan, do not play come alone. You must request permission in advance. Coming into people’s homes without permission or prior confirmation including irreverent action there.

That is all the Unique Things in Japanese Culture for Japan Fact Tradition.

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