Working with Different Environmental Cultures – How to Managing Diversity in the Workplace

July 16, 2016 | Global Culture

managing cultural diversity in the workplaceGood day and I hope you keep the spirit lead your activities in this bright daylight. This afternoon we will write the article about managing cultural diversity in the workplace. Of course it should be your concern. So, happy reading!!

Cultural differences in the workplace can be seen from the difference in the area of origin, dialect, perspectives, and ways of communicating. There are several techniques for those of you who work with employees who have cultural differences.

  1. Identify Your Own Culture

Global developments can make your work in other places that have cultural diversity. And defines the culture of the workplace can be very broad. It includes the nature of race, nationality, religion, social class and various other factors. So, you try to relearn your culture. For example, when you speak quickly, whether your intelligence or indicates a possible aversion to the other person.

  1. Learn a Different Culture

Learn the values and perspectives of other cultures makes you understand and be more tolerant of differences. Read books related to other cultures and, if needed, exists in the presentation or the performance of other cultures.

  1. Effective Communication

Listen carefully when your friend split an idea or describe a problem. In some cultures, backgrounds explanation or story (Introduction) is often described at length before the important points to be conveyed. Try to be patient and understand that other communication styles.

At least, 3 guidance above can help you to manage the diversity in your workplace due to different environmental cultures. If a case of miscommunication due to cultural differences, it is the job of a manager or human resources personnel coordinator is as a mediator and facilitator. In case I have ever faced, the employee may be given understanding through a short training. But if the conflict continues to taper, the user or supervisor of each employee need to be directly involved.

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