The Interesting and Unique of Japanese Culture Facts – Part 1

July 19, 2016 | Asian Culture

japan samuraiThe Interesting and Unique of Japanese Culture Facts – Part 1.

Japanese people as often seen always look fashionable if we are talking about their lifestyle. Usually they rarely smiled, looked stiff and often embarrassed when dealing with others, but the important point is the Japanese people always punctual in works, so no wonder the Japanese people are very disciplined. Besides the interesting things t, with a bow or “ojigi” is one of the Japanese culture. Usually when you meet or met then bent 15 °. And for an apology or meet an older person can be bent 90 °.

Interestingly and unique of Japanese Culture Facts in my opinion are:

  1. Samurai

Actually, samurai existed before the 12th century! At that time, the samurai people are very few and they are considered a fighter from the top. When the 17th century samurai warriors become part of the bureaucrats and military administration is commonly called “Tokugawa Bakufu”. However, in the mid-19th century samurai warriors must be willing to be replaced by a firearm. Since, it was the emperor is in an attempt to modernize Japan.

  1. Chopsticks

Chopsticks identical to the procedure of eating, the majority of Japanese people will break chopsticks that he got into two parts finishes eating, it is done as customary. Nowadays the tradition is only valid when at the restaurant, another case with at home, each family member will save yourself each chopsticks and may not be exchanged, though overall among family members because, according to their belief it would bring bad luck to the family. The Chopsticks in Japanese is called “washi”. Initially chopsticks invented by the Chinese as early as 3000 to 5000 years ago. After a meeting with Japanese culture, then the Japanese people use chopsticks. When using chopsticks, friends should not stick the chopsticks over a bowl of rice. It is forbidden and will look like a lit incense at the funeral.

  1. Kendo

Kendo in Japanese means “The Way of the Sword”. Kendo itself is a Japanese martial art that moves a modern version based on the traditional sword moves like kenjutsu. Although it is the sword used in kendo bamboo swords, but also adapted many kendo movement of samurai movements.

  1. Tea

japan green teaThe drinking tea is a cultural ritual in the Japan. Tea ceremony commonly called Sado. Tea is one part of history and culture in Japan, so there is a school or a course to learn the drinking tea ceremony. Beside good for the body, the green tea is good for the skin. Not that we have to buy skincare. Not only that, but also so many benefit of the drinking tea, such as:

  • The tee has lots of antioxidants and polyphenols, good for lowering the risk of cancer – green tea could actually help slimming. Because green tea against the absorption of fat into the body and increase metabolism – black tea and oolong tea helps strengthen bones. In Japan there was a tea ceremony which is often called “sado” or “Chado” and “chanoyu”. Actually, the word “chanoyu” more for the “hot water for tea” but now the term has become a term for drinking tea ceremony as well. The ceremony is usually performed by a group of people who are few in number, and held in a special tea room.

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